Pathview 2

A Robust Desktop Data Viewer, Management and Reporting Software

PathView II is a powerful desktop software application which integrates all the pavement surface sensor data, digital images and location data into a single, powerful and user-friendly interface.

Designed to be a pavement manager’s greatest tool, this software package also provides data managers the ability to easily import and export to and from other applications. Built in functions such as dynamic find functions, zooming within an image, photo surface distance measurement and image brightness controls help to fully utilize increased photo resolution, while interactive GPS mapping lets you see your location as you move through the digital images. The application can also produce custom reports of roughness, rutting, and other sensor data to user-defined text or electronic files for direct uploaded into your pavement management system.

The PathView II suite is specifically designed and streamlined to function as a full-featured viewer within the limited bandwidth environments presented by sharing imaging over the intranet or physical and virtual networks. Additionally, the application is designed to run independent of all operating systems allowing a single data set to be viewed by an unlimited number of simultaneous users.

PathView II software also provides the user with the ability to easily export coupled images and data for third-party demonstration.

Pathview 2 screenshot Pathview 2 workstation