Network-Level Deployment

The PathView II desktop suite is specifically designed and streamlined to function as a full-featured viewer within the limited bandwidth environments presented by sharing imaging over the intranet or physical and virtual networks. Interested parties can log on to search the entire collected network from a user-friendly interface that even novice users can navigate.

The PathView II browser can be used to provide unlimited read-only access to the data and images to anyone within the network. This application is designed to run independent of all operating systems and as such can be installed in the same location as the data and images, free of any access limitations assigned by the operating system. Many states use this program exclusively to share all data to all statewide offices due to the minimal bandwidth requirements for seamless operation (2 megabits/second) and full-resolution images.

The thumbnail export feature allows for data incorporation into the Departmentís Web-based videolog for the same viewing services over the web.

Pathway Services also offers the PathWeb internet viewer as a separate tool to easily and seamlessly share a single data set with many users simultaneously. Utilizing the latest technologies, PathWeb allows all data and images to be viewed from anywhere with an Internet connection, while leveraging the satellite imaging of Google Maps, Bing Maps and even cleint-specific orthogonal images. Additionally, IRI, Rutting and other data types of interest can be color coded by severity to provide statewide condition maps in a matter of seconds.

All browser applications are based on the same dynamic find function that allows anyone to click on a route listing or map segment and instantly view all data types at that exact location.

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