Inertial Road Profiler

The Inertial Road Profiler of the PathRunner XP Data Collection Vehicle is a South Dakota design manufactured according to ASTM E950 specifications and meeting class 1 requirements. This device collects the longitudinal profile of the pavement surface for both wheel paths. These longitudinal profiles are used to calculate pavement IRI roughness index using Quarter Car Simulation and Half Car Simulation. Other indexes are also calculated such as Ride Number and RQI. The PathRunner XP Road Profiler has been certified in several Test Sites including Texas Transportation Institute, Minnesota Department of Transportation and Washington State Department of Transportation.

A user-friendly graphical interface displays real-time graphs that allow the operator to quickly verify the proper operation of sensors and imaging equipment before, during and after collection. Integrated system diagnostics and self-checking applications provide visual and verbal indicators of collected data quality. The system’s software was designed to take advantage of the latest real-time graphical data collection technology, allowing the vehicle’s operator to verify the proper operation of the sensor equipment in real time. The result if quality data on schedule at minimum cost.

High-capacity removable hard drives are utilized to store and easily transfer large amounts of accumulated data, providing operators the ability to collect hundreds of miles of data and images and share them over a network-wide seat in the same day.

Onboard Routing

The PathRunner XP Collection Vehicle is capable of loading a database with the entire network of roads to be collected. It can also load an associated shapefile that displays the roads to be collected. These files therefore become a blank shell of the road network that is populated with updated data as the collection cycle progresses. The onboard map not only provides assistance in facilitating the most efficient route collection order, but also provides real-time display and color-coded status of each road segment. Menu-driven route selection is also supported.

Typically, routes not yet collected show as red, while finished routes show as green. The user has the ability to color code as they see fit, as well as route as they prefer, but through the use of legacy data and spatial location, the van is increasingly content-aware as data is being collected. Using the database and GPS data also ensures that linear referencing, pavement management segments and GPS location information are all tied directly to the newly-collected data set.

Single Interface with Voice Animation

As a built-in quality control feature set, the PathRunner XP Data Collection software brings all data types (images, sensor date, GPS mapping, DMI, etc.) into a single screen. Real-time data processing, display and logic analysis ensure that collected data falls within valid ranges and image thumbnails provide real-time quality check capability. Voice animation of road information, routing details and data warnings allow the collection personnel to monitor all data types with little manual intervention.

Profiler 360