Super HD Roadway Imaging

The PathRunner XP vehicle leverages the highest resolution cameras in the industry, with each camera providing up to 2500 X 2000 pixels (native). Up to three forward views and a rear view can be utilized with wide angle lenses to capture a panoramic-like representation the roadway. The images are captured, compressed and stored in JPEG format at posted speed limits (maximum 70 MPH) and synchronized in conjunction with sensor and location data to streamline playback and searching capabilities.

The collected imaging allows the end user to virtually visit any road on the network without ever leaving their desk and the added resolution provides the ability to zoom in on the digital images in order to see more detail of the roadway, including inventory items such as signs, ramps, and guardrails.

Immersive 360-Degree Imaging

Pathway Services also offers a fully-immersive, 360-degree camera capable of producing a dome-like JPEG image in which the end user can navigate in any direction within a single image. As a supplement to roadway videolog, these images can be collected automatically using GPS at known points of interest such as intersections, bridges, railroads or interchanges.

Using six lenses aimed in all directions (including above), the single camera utilizes complex mathematics to capture and create an end-user experience unattainable in forward or rear facing imaging systems. Applications of this technology include intersection imaging, multi-lane road segments, bridges, underpasses and interchanges with multiple on and off ramps in all directions.

High Resolution Video Log High Resolution Video Log 360