Highly Accurate Global Positioning

The PathRunner Collection vehicle incorporates an onboard Global Positioning System to provide up to 2-inch static accuracy (less than 1 foot dynamic). Grade, Cross Slope and both vertical and horizontal curvature are also collected via onboard gyroscopes. A 12-satellite tracking receiver is utilized to receive differential corrections in real-time and state developed base maps or shape files are directly imported into the collection vehicle to facilitate precise collection.

Real-Time Display and Navigation

In addition to the integration of a pre-loaded map, an onboard voice-animated routing system ensures efficient collection and warns operators of upcoming landmarks (such as endpoints or inventory items). The map also displays current positioning in real-time for the operator to easily navigate on the provided DOT-specific maps. Completed roads are shown in one color and roads left to collect are displayed in another, with the preferred travel route shown on the surface of the map. This information is easily exported back out of the vehicle in a format that will support the DOT data management system, including any field markings created during the collection process.

Post Processing and Spatial Deployment

Processed data can be mapped within the PathView II application, PathWeb or exported out in .shp file format for use with other applications. Other information tied to GPS positioning such as assets and pavement condition indexes can also be exported for use with third party applications.