Automated Crack Detection and Analysis

For each and every client, Pathway Services creates a customized, client-specific distress rating software suite to best assess and report to the unique needs of the project.

Using either the high-resolution linescan or 3D surface imaging and manual intervention for complex distresses and verification, the semi-automated method allows software to assess severity and extent of detected cracking at the highest level of accuracy, flexibility and objectivity. The computer automatically measures the length of the distress feature and creates a distress database synchronized with the sensor data and digital images.

Digital line guides can also be used to provide physical indicators of wheelpath location. The system also allows the operator to enter other attributes of the distress feature, such as whether or not it is sealed or whether or not it is in the wheel path.

For any segments collected in both directions, PathView II software suite allows raters to not only view, but reduce both lanes simultaneously in the same direction. Segments collected in the decreasing direction are synchronized with that of the increasing direction by flipping the image both vertically and horizontally so that the segment appears as it would to the human eye in a manual inspection.

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