Pathway 3D

Pavement Surface Imaging with Depth for Rutting, Cracking and Faulting

Pathway 3D Data Acquisition System leverages an incredibly fast, high-resolution 3D camera that captures both a high-resolution images and transverse profiles of the road surface in real-time. Each profile consists of thousands of points across the lane, covering more than an entire lane and providing the ability to discern even fine cracking on the road surface.

The 3D camera captures a specially-designed laser line as it's projected over the surface of the pavement and uses the location of this line to measure the 3D or height deviations of the pavement surface. The height deviations can be plotted and used to calculate rutting on both wheel paths. The camera provides enough data speed to capture several profiles every inch at speeds up to 70 MPH.

The system provides not only rutting data, but the provided depth readings and image allow the single system to also capture cracking data from the very same profiles of the road surface. The artificial illumination of the system not only removes the presence of shadows from the image, but also “enhances” the crack visibility by projecting light into the surface distress from an optimized viewing angle. The resulting light intensity and depth images provide an end user the ability to see both rut depth and crack depth in a single, interactive picture.

Pathway 3D is a single camera system that eliminates dual camera synchronization problems, compresses the 3D files in real time which reduces significantly disk space requirements and is more cost effective.

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